Nikolina Butorac
1986. Zagreb, lives and works in Zagreb. Graduated at the School of Arts and Design in Zagreb, finished 2012. the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. 
Having degrees in pedagogy and didactics and holds a BA in Graphics and a MA in New Media (mentor Prof. Andreja Kuluncic). Developed as performer/
multimedia artist. Directing multidisciplinaty workshops for children, doing performances and interventions mainly in public spaces.

Groupe exhibitions:

2007; Damir Očko’s workshop as a part of Kiborgezija that resulted in a collective exhibition ”The Wandering Jew” held in Studentski Centar in Zagreb

2008;  Bulletin-Board newspaper project, Shadow casters;

2009; The Academy of fine arts Student exhibition held in Močvara Club in Zagreb; Naoko Takahashi’s workshop ”Behind the Invisible Door” as a part of the Test Festival held in Studentski Centar in Zagreb; the 43rd Graphic Art and contemporary Media art meeting held in Subotica, Serbia;

;Vizura Aperta, workshop at Momjan, ”Treasure Quest” video clip with children, audience award;

2011; Collective exhibition at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, collaboration with London students; Participation at the Perforation Festival, two performances at the Kvaternik Square with themes of public place and ecology; Film Labs Meeting, projection at the MM center, SC.

2013; Op ArtFestival, Opatija, plant installation in a public space, ” Ashamed”

Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan, group exhibition, Line of Crisis, mixed media work: ” Teas Against Apathy”

2015; Creative Krk, collective exhibition ”Woman Worker”

XXXI. Sarajevo Winter 2015. INFINITY,Gallery COLLEGIUM ARTISTICUM: ” Teas Against Apathy”

2016; Ars Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina, land art, ”Moment now”

Solo exhibitions:

2012; Gallery SC, Zagreb ”From New Zagreb to Dubrava”

2014; Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan,” To have or to be ”

2015; Finland, Rauma Artist in Residence Community Art Program, Installation ”Mother Earth”

2017; Artist in Residence, Cultivamos Cultura, Portugal, Space installation: ”When did you fall in love with knowledge?”


Group performances:

 Urban Festival, workshop on the topic of the river Sava and borders, performance ”Granice” and action ”SRC Sava”;

Performance „Filiou alphabet“ at the opening of the Medika Gallery, Zagreb ;

Performance ”Omagge to fluxus” and ”This” at the collective exhibition Articulation, VN Gallery, Zagreb;

Solo Performances:

 2010; Performance: ”Dance at the Importanne Center”, Video: ”Dance in the Importanne”

2 performance pieces, in a collective exhibition Articulation in Vladimir Nazor Gallery in Zagreb; exhibition Izgubljena Fox held in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, London-Zagreb student exchange

Participation at the Youth Salon, Medika Gallery, Performance ”Invisible Frottage”

HDLU Gallery, project Taktile Form of the Past, performance ”Slapping”.

2013; Days of Performace in Osijek , Performance ”Plants of Strength”

Days of Perfomance in Rijeka, Performance ”Teas Against”

2014;Perforations Festival, Zagreb ” Teas against ”

2016;Performance: ”Notes on Scent”, Artum Exhibition, Umag town Museum

My land Štaglinec, Vlasta Delimar’s International Meetings for Artists, Performance: ”Trifolium Vincit Omnia”

2017; Performance: ”Recipe for noticing living elements in the city”, island Krk

2018.Performative Case Studies, Performance: ” Rights of Students ”
2018. Perforacije Rijeka: ” Behind the Red ”
2018. 16.Festival of the Firsts, The Age of Emptiness, Edible / sound installation in space and performance: ” Home of Emptiness ”
2019 Summer in MSU, performance: Absorbed home





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