Nikolina Butorac,1986, Zagreb

Education and residencies:

2005-2012; Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb

2013; Faculty of Philosophy, Osijek, pedagogy and didactics degree

2015; Rauma Artist in Residence Community Art Program, Finland, Installation ”Mother Earth”

2016; Ars Kozara, Artist in residence program, Bosnia and Herzegovina, land art, ”Moment now”

2017; Artist in Residence, Cultivamos Cultura, Portugal, installation in public space: ”When did you fall in love with knowledge?”

Group exhibitions:

2007; Damir Očko’s workshop as a part of Kiborgezija that resulted in a collective exhibition ”The Wandering Jew” held in Studentski Centar in Zagreb

2008;  Bulletin-Board newspaper project, Shadow casters;

2009; The Academy of fine arts Student exhibition held in Močvara Club in Zagreb; Naoko Takahashi’s workshop ”Behind the Invisible Door” as a part of the Test Festival held in Studentski Centar in Zagreb; the 43rd Graphic Art and contemporary Media art meeting held in Subotica, Serbia;

;Vizura Aperta, workshop at Momjan, ”Treasure Quest” video clip with children, audience award;

2011; Collective exhibition at the Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, collaboration with London students; Participation at the Perforation Festival, two performances at the Kvaternik Square with themes of public place and ecology; Film Labs Meeting, projection at the MM center, SC.

2013; Op ArtFestival, Opatija, plant installation in a public space, ” Ashamed”

Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan, group exhibition, Line of Crisis, mixed media work: ” Teas Against Apathy”

2015; Creative Krk, collective exhibition ”Woman Worker”

XXXI. Sarajevo Winter 2015. INFINITY,Gallery COLLEGIUM ARTISTICUM: ” Teas Against Apathy”

Solo exhibitions:

2012; Gallery SC, Zagreb ”From New Zagreb to Dubrava”

2014; Gallery Fonticus, Grožnjan,” To have or to be ”

Group performances:

 Urban Festival, workshop on the topic of the river Sava and borders, performance ”Granice” and action ”SRC Sava”;

Performance „Filiou alphabet“ at the opening of the Medika Gallery, Zagreb;

Performance ”Omagge to fluxus” and ”This” at the collective exhibition Articulation, VN Gallery, Zagreb;

Solo Performances:

 2010; Performance: ”Dance at the Importanne Center”, Video: ”Dance in the Importanne”

2 performance pieces, in a collective exhibition Articulation in Vladimir Nazor Gallery in Zagreb; exhibition Izgubljena Fox held in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, London-Zagreb student exchange

Participation at the Youth Salon, Medika Gallery, Performance ”Invisible Frottage”

HDLU Gallery, project Taktile Form of the Past, performance ”Slapping”.

2013; Days of Performace in Osijek , Performance ”Plants of Strength”

Days of Perfomance in Rijeka, Performance ”Teas Against”

2014; Perforations Festival, Zagreb ” Teas against ”

2016; Performance: ”Notes on Scent”, Artum Exhibition, Umag town Museum

My land Štaglinec, Vlasta Delimar’s International Meetings for Artists, Performance: ”Trifolium Vincit Omnia”

2017; Performance: ”Recipe for noticing living elements in the city”, island Krk

2018. Performative Case Studies, Performance: ” Rights of Students ”
2018. Perforacije Rijeka: ” Behind the Red ”
2018. 16.Festival of the Firsts, The Age of Emptiness, Edible / sound installation in space and performance: ” Home of Emptiness ”
2019. Summer in MSU, performance: Absorbed home

2019 Grisa Youth, eco-performance: Transmitted Vibrations

2020 Five Years Of PAP (performing art program) in MSU, performance: The Probability Of Effort

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