artist statement


In my work I use materials from nature as tools to carry out concepts and ideas of the public space as in the possibilities of intervention through performance, action and installation in such places. I am using a form of writing as an aesthetic structure and the response to external influences. My reactions are produced by listening to body movements, often shy and quiet in the crowd. These experiences are coming from my childhood in the primary school, forming closed, introvert character, that avoids direct, verbal confrontation on a certain problem. On the second year of my art education, I realized that my body was the most powerful tool to express myself, to communicate with myself, to be more aware of myself. So performance became new, most important introspective medium, whom I’m crossing boundaries with, discovering body reactions, forming a new self-portrait. Through my concepts I’m reviving repressed emotions stimulated with the social situation from my nearest surrounding.

With every performative concept  I’m discovering my patterns of behavior, searching for a role and meaning as an artist and activist. What I would like to get from the observers is sincere opinions, comments, ideas, strategy’s which aren’t related to imposed social norms.

The subtle way of dismantling society, is a concept for exposing my rising and falling body, which is one of the key elements in finding new strategies in contextualizing the representation of women artist.


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