artist statement

In my work I use materials from nature as tools to materialize and carry out concepts and ideas of the public space as in the possibilities of intervention through performance, action and installation in such places. I am using a form of writing as an aesthetic structures, internal reflection, and the response to external influences. While working, I’m questioning my own social status, environmental problems and how an artist activity is treated  among the society. With my pieces I am  allowing audience to become co-authors and editors of the works, also drawing attention to the present moment — making the audience fully aware of what is happening, with a  constant focus on current position in space and time.

 I’m trying to collect and expose as many different opinions on chosen topic, by researching the ways how art in public space can engage everyday, ordinary people.

I am offering them a chance to say something about their view on current political, social, ecological, economical world situation, through self reflections.


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