artist statement

In my artistic activity, I re-examine own responsibility towards social and environmental events that surround me. What currently interests me is to research about possibilities of overlapping the individual and collective experiences. I focus on migration-transition and climate change narratives.

Deliberated through the social and political prism, my works are aimed at the void left by incompetent and corrupt authorities, in lieu of a detailed plan of economic, social, environmental and cultural progress, and of the deliberated instructions for its implementation.

My research leads me also to (our) human ways of relating to the non-human elements, that inhabit this Earth with us, such as different landscapes, environments, and less known forms of co-existence.

The medium of performance, which I use in my work, has a lively, activist, revolutionary momentum, the momentum of transferring the mimetic changes in mentality. This energy is a trigger with which I decode the space and the visitor, since the audience – particularly the accidental one – is the seed of reality that processes the artistic act, thereby growing together with the artist.

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