artist statement

In my artistic activity, I re-examine own responsibility towards social and environmental events that surround me. I record reactions to that which has been systematically overlooked and ignored in the media and recent history.

One of such topics is the large-scale emigration of young people from the country. I am interested in the possibilities of collecting and overlapping the individual and collective experiences. The cycle of works, which I named (In)Visible Nomads, focuses on housing as an action and place of residence as a fictional object, which remains inaccessible to a great number of youth. As a young artist, I emotionally relate to other young people, the highly educated ones as a vulnerable group, their emigration in large numbers, and the desperate struggle to obtain a home of their own.

Deliberated through the social and political prism, my works are aimed at the void left by incompetent and corrupt authorities, in lieu of a detailed plan of economic, social, environmental and cultural progress, and of the deliberated instructions for its implementation.

The medium of performance, which I use in my work, has a lively, activist, revolutionary momentum, the momentum of transferring the mimetic changes in mentality. This energy is a trigger with which I decode the space and the visitor, since the audience – particularly the accidental one – is the seed of reality that processes the artistic act, thereby growing together with the artist.

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