artist statement


Through performative projects that expose everyday life struggles, not just of those who are marked as different, but also those who identify and attach to the values that actively exclude others, I’m opening possibilities for new creative imaginaries.

In my latest performative and installation pieces, titled (Non) Visible Nomads,  I’m dealing with the issue of apartments as a fictional objects which aren’t available for many young people.  I have compared the period of socialism and post-socialism: my friends’ parents, as well as mine, bought apartments during socialism, and many of them got an apartment through their working companies.  These facts are now a fiction for younger generations.

Within my work I want to explore contemporary arrangements of space, sense of belonging  and the unstable boundaries of its categorisation. I want to ask a question: ”When, how and why is our personal space extending into the collective sphere?”

To stir the reaction from people is always a big part of my work. It is a process of vulnerability, bravery and great learning.


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