omaggio a Voynich Manuscript

For this workshop inspiration were illustrations from Voynich Manuscript. Since its discovery in 1912, the 15th century Voynich Manuscript has been a mystery and a cult phenomenon. Full of handwriting in an unknown language or code, the book is heavily illustrated with pictures of unusual plants. The alphabet of this language contains a combination of unfamiliar and familiar symbols, some words and abbreviations in Latin and no punctuation marks. The letters are in lower case; there aren’t any double consonants, but there are many double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple strings of vowels.

The idea was to give each participant a freedom to ”translate” the Manuscript in his own words. To draw and write the recipes, referring to contemporary ecological and social problems, in our  surrounding.

Osijek, Gallery Kazamat, 2019.

workshops with asylum seeker children

The names of asylum seeker children I hold conceptually-expressive workshops at the Elementary school in Travno are: Yadeen Abbas Mundher Al-Gburi, Taha Ahmadi, Amirali Ansari, Manea Atheer Manea Al-Sadoon, Hassan Jabbar Abbas Abbas, Bashar Maashi, Maryam Atheer Al-Sadoon, Shahad Maashi, Mehdi Deilami, Roshat Zaman Ahmad, Mikaeil Badan Firouz. Spontaneously, through drawing, graphics, installation, herbs printing, I’m trying to make them speak and sketch a memory of old home. It is amazing to see how quickly and naturally they learn and master a new language, adapting quickly to the new environment. I gave them a camera, and with my guidance, they photographed and recorded their own creative processes.

Workshops were performed in elementary school Gustav Krklec, 2019.