workshops with asylum seeker children

The names of asylum seeker children I hold conceptually-expressive workshops at the Elementary school in Travno are: Yadeen Abbas Mundher Al-Gburi, Taha Ahmadi, Amirali Ansari, Manea Atheer Manea Al-Sadoon, Hassan Jabbar Abbas Abbas, Bashar Maashi, Maryam Atheer Al-Sadoon, Shahad Maashi, Mehdi Deilami, Roshat Zaman Ahmad, Mikaeil Badan Firouz. Spontaneously, through drawing, graphics, installation, herbs printing, I’m trying to make them speak and sketch a memory of old home. It is amazing to see how quickly and naturally they learn and master a new language, adapting quickly to the new environment. I gave them a camera, and with my guidance, they photographed and recorded their own creative processes.

Workshops were performed in elementary school Gustav Krklec, 2019.