Absorbed Home

In this performance I’m describing on the microphone, how my imaginary apartment and atelier would look like and how I could live from my work: to sell artifacts, photographs of the performances, to practice contemporary art methods with children in elementary school, so one day this children, could understand and buy contemporary art. I am trying to emphasize, how it is very important to have a working space separated from the sleeping area, that many young artists today do not have. At one point of my speech, I’m starting to refer to the audience, asking them to draw the floor plan of their imaginary apartment or atelier. From the mixture standing in front of the table (coconut, cocoa, ground nut, cranberries, dates, corn rose, apple juice) according to their sketches, I’m shaping their apartments and serving them on the paper plates, to be consumed.

Dedicated to all young people who work abroad and can’t do their art as much as they want (need).

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb