in(visible) nomads/emptiness of home

 ”Curious head is squinting flats with gray bricks. The associations are cluttering through the needle with the drops of adrenaline, blurring the little mirrors in my chest. Stepping over the color of distrust and reservation. Mind cuddling. Breathing out the plan.”

In this piece, I am researching a term ‘habitation’, as everyday passive action,  drawing a focus on apartments as a fictive objects, impossible to afford to a young people today. I made interviews with friends living in rented apartments or with their parents, asking them to tell me a story about their living space. At some point in time, we recalled a working class-our parents and grandparents, which in socialism got their homes as a gift, because they were valuable workers, from different firms.

The focus of my work is to compare the time that was once and the present, as the two opposite poles. Today is a fantasy that some company would give an apartment to their employee.

With no money for our own home, we have more open possibilities for trying out life in other countries. But I wonder, how much are we forced on such life or do we really want to do it? If we have other options – which ones are they?

With the interviews released on the speakers and megaphone, I made an edible mixture of dried fruit, shaped in the form of my parents’ flat.

In front of the wall, but this time not home, but the impossibility of achievement, my frustration and helplessness are being shared with the audience, breaking the edible supporting walls of unfulfilled dream and offering them to the public, hoping that one day it will be easier, simpler and better.

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