(Not) Taking Part

The concept of work is how to present today’s education through the children’s eyes. I’m wondering how and where are the pupils experiencing and practicing these educational achievements in their everyday life: appropriateness, regularity, vigorous proof, constraint, appointment, empowerment?

In a performance I’m giving a command to audience: Please read the Pupils rights from ”The Education Law  in Elementary School of the Republic of Croatia”.

I’m repeating after the audience, tightening my neck with a bushy branch. When the audience read the 7 pupils rights, I’m telling them to invent a new right, based on their good or bad school experience. Afterwards, as a materialized memory of that moment, I’m giving the seeds of corn to the audience to plant  somewhere in the garden of the Cultural Center of Pescenica (Zagreb).

Pupils rights:

  1. * right to be informed of all matters pertaining to him/her.

2.  * right to counsel and assistance in solving the problem in accordance with his /                     her best interest.

3.  * right to respect his / her opinion.

4.  * right to help other pupils in a school institution.

5.  * right to complaint that can be given to the teachers, the director and the school                   board.

6.  * right to participate in the work of the pupils school council.

7.  * right to suggest improvement of the educational process and the educational                       work.