(Not) Taking Part

Cultural Center of Peščenica (Zagreb)


The concept of this work is the question of presenting today’s educational system through the eyes of children. I wonder as to how and where the pupils experience and practice in everyday life the following educational achievements: appropriateness, regularity, vigorous proof, restriction, appointment keeping, empowerment?

In the performance, I instruct the audience to read the Pupils’ Rights from the Act on Education in Primary Schools of the Republic of Croatia.

I repeat the statements after audience members, all the while tightening a bushy branch around my neck. When the audience are done reading the seven rights of pupils, I tell them to invent a new right based on their experience at school, be it good or bad. Afterwards, as materialised memory of that moment, I give out corn seeds to the audience, to be planted somewhere in the yard of the Cultural Centre of Peščenica (Zagreb).

Pupils’ Rights:

  1. * the right to be informed of all matters pertaining to them.
  1. * the right to counselling and assistance in solving the problem in accordance with their best interests.
  2. * the right to have their opinion respected.
  3. * the right to assist other pupils at school.
  4. * the right to make a complaint that can be referred to teachers, the Director, and the School Board.
  5. * the right to participate in the work of the School Council of Pupils.
  6. * the right to suggest improvements in the educational process and work.