When did you fall in love with knowledge?


Portugal-São Luis

This project is a work in progress in which I focus on finding the trigger that activates our love of knowledge. During the residency programme Cultivamos Cultura in São Luis (Portugal), I interviewed artists from around the world and asked them when exactly they fell in love with knowledge, what knowledge is, and which subject they would like to invent and introduce into the school curriculum. I am pinpointing the exact period of time when we discovered knowledge and began to yearn for it. Was it during regular education? Or was it later in life? How do we awake a person’s desire for new knowledge that can be used on a daily basis? The project is a critique of existing school systems, which are based on receiving information without practical use.

With this space intervention, I seek to encourage people of all ages to share with me the creative strategies for opening up creative channels that can be applied in practical life. Having collected the statements, I wrote them down on stone blocks that I had removed from the sidewalk, and then put them back in.

Knowledge comes from my interacting with the world. Gail Hocking

Knowledge is pattern seeking: lost and found and lost and found. Before I knew what knowledge was and everytime ideas syncronize for me for the first time. Sarah Hermanutz

Knowledge is a process that takes the mistakes from the future and moves them into the past, they skip the future. Nenad Popov

Knowledge is an illusion that destroys previous ilussions. It is oximoronic endles task which allows us to turn unknown unknowns into something else, expending our awareness of our own ignorance. Manuel Furtado

Special thanks to Martha De Menezes and Cultivamos Cultura.