Notes on scent

The work is consisting of performances where in front of the audience my collaborator Darko Brajkovic and I are lying covered with a mixture of bay leaves, sage, lavender and lemongrass. We are slowing our breathing, sinking into a dream, focusing on the smell of herbs. Herbs  are covering our head, chest, torso and legs. We are relaxing and waiting for a certain memory to be awaken by the smell of herbs. In that position we are lying for 15-20 minutes. Then, we’re getting up and writing down our experience in a blank book, inviting the audience to do the same.

Inspiration for this work I have found in Proust’s reflections on time and memory. He says that relived time is not gone forever, but can be summon through our senses. In this performance  we are recalling our memories with the scent of smell.