Moment, now

A garden is a living thing, a place that is marked and sometimes abandoned.

The basic concept of the project was to plant interactive land art installation with medicinal and edible herbs. Herbs were  planted to shape the form of letters that formulate the sentence: ”Moment, now”.

Through the research of period of time ”now” I’m trying to find out what are the most common thoughts that throw our mind out of the present moment. When talking about the presence I don’t  necessarily think about having one’s full concentration, but more spontaneous and natural  awareness of this moment through creative activity.

The meaning of the word ”now”  subtly pervades through problems in my close society,  such as:  uncertainty, volatility, corruption, environmental and social crisis etc.

By using the gesture of planting, I occupied myself, trying to leave the product of my experience to the viewer and passerby.

For me, creativity means a lot of variations, views and different actions, that are producing reading of a specific problem. I use the performance as a medium that creates an awareness of the body  and live space installations, made of  plants, which by planting, are bringing us back in the ‘moment now’.

Special thanks to Ars Kozara for their support and help with my project.

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