To have or to be

In these exhibition stons are marking the ritual, persistent game of waves and passage of time along with the change in shape. I am stopping the flow of waves by breaking their persistence, and claiming the stones as the ritual continues. The process results with the text on the stones where we find printed recipes, and sometimes drawings of plants. Many titles have a cynical deflection like “Tea against capitalism” or “Mixture against greed.”

I am presenting several unprinted pebbles and a tool for writing on the stones. From observer I am seeking for intervention in the form of comments on the non-printed stones.
I am combining environmental and social issues with the problem of education. Let us remember, a long time ago, Plato says: “Ignorance is the root of all evil”. His opinion undermines the whole Western, Christian civilization which has become a target to raise loads of illiterate believers / consumers to blindly serve invented nationalism or religious dogma.
It reveals that the problem of ecology breaks with the problems of poor and profit based education. Bad environmental solutions good education can fix. Because education broadens horizons, sharpen perception of the world around us. The trained person can more easily resist nationalisms, segregations by color, sexual orientation, etc. Education carries a freer approach to life and moves away from dogma. The trained person is not subject to advertising or political usurpation opinions. Education carries the idea of sharing. The trained person has awareness of environmental neglection and aggressive exploitation of neoliberalism.

Special thanks to the Gallery Fonticus for their support with my project.

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