Teas Against Indifference,Perforations, Zagreb SC, 2014.

The performance is divided in two parts; first, where I stand quietly for a while in the middle of medicinal and aromatic plants. In front of me is the pot with boiling water. Suddenly I approach to the pot and I tear out the leaves and dried aromatic herbs and throw it into the water uttering recipes. I mix herbs, tear down, put in a pot, repeat the action several times. Suddenly I calm. In the second part of performance I  share tees among  audience.

Through performance I am touching current issues and problems of young people today, such as; exploitation, intergenerational conflict, impossibility of integracy young people in the labor market, etc.

TEA AGAINST EXPLOITATION :Mix equal amounts of dried dandelion root, calendula flower and leaf of hyssop. Use as a tea, 1 full teaspoon per 1 cup, and drink 2-3 unsweetened cups during the day in small sips. Dandelion root cleanses the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and lymph. First of all, dandelion root cleanses the liver and gallbladder, and stimulates the kidneys so the toxins are sent through urine and out of the body.

TEA AGAINST DISMISSAL:Mix the dried nettles, mint and chamomile. Use in the morning, half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach drink a cup of tea blends, and one to two cups in small sips throughout the day. Drink sip by sip for better action. It should be drunk without sugar. Nettle lowers blood sugar, cures diseases and urinary tract infections, improves digestion and cleanses the blood.

TEA FOR INTEGRATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE LABOUR MARKET :Tea is made from dried lemon balm. 1 teaspoon for 1 cup, just pour with hot water. Take if you feel the tightness in the area of the heart. Lemon balm cleanses the blood, reduces menstrual cramps and reduces moodiness and sadness.


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