Using the form of an videointerview GAD – građani aktivno djeluju (citizens actively act; Nikolina Butorac and Josip Horvat) question how the current economical crisis is influencing on young artits, their work and lives.We are constructing an experimental narrative where the artist are at the same timethe questioner and the object that has been questioned. With the help of the emotional stages like doubt, hope and selfquestioning we reveal what young artists are experiencing in their search for income and being established in the art world.With combining of the text and the distorsions in the narrative we are experimenting with the role of an image in the classical form of the videointerview.

The new formed platform is consisting from artists who want to redefine art and its role in the society. Do we need a revolution in art? Do we need more artists and curators that are going to produce subversive practices in the system? NO!

We need a revolution, a rebellion of artists and workers, artists and curators, artists and their families – we need art connected with the reality of our society. Art has to step down from its exalted and isolated throne, and reconnect with common people. Now is the moment in history where art and artists should reclaim the role of the „glue“ of the society and use their practices, strategies and activity to support and change the society.

We do not want a revolution as a phenomenon that is currently „in“ and „hip“, and that requires the sacrifices of ordinary people – we want a revolution in witch the position of power and decisionmaking will be shifted from small groups of people to wider masses, revolution where the public opinion and discussion will take its place as a relevant factor of democratic changes.

Art can be a powerful tool for awakening of the critical thought and deliberation – museums, curators, artists and all other cultural workers, quite the silence, the time has come that we start to act actively as citizens and artists – let’s organize, question, criticize, change.

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