Mercury- Communication, 2011.

Title: Communication
Technique: 16mm film
Year: 2012

The 16mm film Communication came into existence as a part of the omnibus of films called Planets.
The film deals with the planet Mercury symbolizing communication in astrology.
I am trying to discover meanings of the word communication.
Today we are surrounded by many forms of communication. The media often use slogans, wordplay and figures of speech to sell their products successfully. Provoked by the media, I started noting old folk sayings and adapting them for today’s society. For example, the saying: ”You’re missing five to make six” I have changed into:
”You’re missing six to make five”, and from saying: ”What you find don’t tell, what you lose don’t seek” I have changed into ” What you find don’t tell, what you lose, steal”.
One of the main character in this short expressive film is my dog.
The dog symbolizes the relationships between humans and animals and with the film I have tried to note down the warmth of the aura appearing around human-dog friendship.

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