Commemoration for the Revolution, 2013.

Closed eyes .. We try to remember, imagine. In honour we hold a carnation (lat. Dianthus caryophyllus) in our hands. A moment of silence.Leaving a trace.”

Protests against the governments,political elite and the capitalist system unfolded arrests of

many young people, often with shaded blood and a shout from the protesters that is going more and more silent with the help of the media that are in the most case have been controled by groups connected with capital and banks.

Protests in the past have been marked by flowers as a symbol of tenderness, fragility, beauty and hope, striving belief in a better tomorrow. In today’s capitalist system there is no tomorrow. People have faded out. They became filled out with apathy and without leaders or united and coordinated movement that would support their wish for changes.

There is no tomorrow-young people are stranded, without jobs,without money,without any perspective to take control over their lives and to make a change. The characteristic of every human beeing are that it is willing to grow, progress, mature, raise awareness, learn, apply knowledge, and provide a critical attitude, adopts values that will contributing to society and not only to a single group of people taking the power. A cloud of darkness covered Europe and now is the time to remember the past, to remember 1848., to remember 1968,to remember 1989.

Now is the time for the citizens to actively participate and raise their voice about their future-politicians, bank owners, capitalist do not own the air we breathe, they do not own the land where we live, they do not own the power to rule and to decide, the time has come we have to take back what has been ours – all the oppressed and every citizen has to unite and fight with every mean.

We took 7 places in the capital of Croatia-Zagreb, where there protest in the past. With the act of marking them with a minute of silence and leaving a carnation flower-symbol of the revolution and change, we commemorate the respect towards all the protesters that have fought for us in the past and try to make people remember, remember that they have the power.

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